I Want to Help

More than just being an information resource, I want to help all LuLaRoe Consultants by providing services that can help your business grow and become its own empire. Tax services: Business and Personal tax preparation Business and Personal tax planning Estimate taxes Estimated Payment Vouchers Tax plans Bookkeeping services: Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Compilation of Financials I take … More I Want to Help

Crunching the Numbers – Making a Profit by Cutting Costs

One of the distinguishing factors of any business is in how it manages its expenses. In accounting and business there are three types of expenses: 1) Fixed Costs Fixed costs are expenses that can’t be changed in the current year. An example is a house or rent payment, you can expect them to be the … More Crunching the Numbers – Making a Profit by Cutting Costs

Sister’s LLR Update

My Sister joined the LuLaRoe movement in late October of 2016. She has done some online/Facebook parties and quite a few pop-up parties. I have been helping keep track of her expenses, sales, inventory, and filed her taxes. Essentially, I have been performing all of the accounting functions of her business. Many people may think … More Sister’s LLR Update

Blogging Is HARD!!

I started this adventure with, what I thought was, a simple goal= To Help People. However, as I wrote down ideas and received some great ones, I started to realize that this was going to take work. I would need to research the topics, find accurate information, and put it in a usable format. I … More Blogging Is HARD!!