I Want to Help

More than just being an information resource, I want to help all LuLaRoe Consultants by providing services that can help your business grow and become its own empire. Tax services: Business and Personal tax preparation Business and Personal tax planning Estimate taxes Estimated Payment Vouchers Tax plans Bookkeeping services: Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Compilation of Financials I take … More I Want to Help

Sister’s LLR Update

My Sister joined the LuLaRoe movement in late October of 2016. She has done some online/Facebook parties and quite a few pop-up parties. I have been helping keep track of her expenses, sales, inventory, and filed her taxes. Essentially, I have been performing all of the accounting functions of her business. Many people may think … More Sister’s LLR Update

Get to Know Me!

Hello World! My name is Chris, I am an accountant who lives in Utah. How would you define personality? Would it be by your actions or your thoughts and motivations of those actions? For example, most people read that first line and made some guesses about who I am and what I am like. The first point … More Get to Know Me!