Blogging Is HARD!!

I started this adventure with, what I thought was, a simple goal= To Help People.

However, as I wrote down ideas and received some great ones, I started to realize that this was going to take work. I would need to research the topics, find accurate information, and put it in a usable format.

I think I might be trying to make things too perfect to start. I mean, I have only done 3 posts in my entire life!! Plus, I am not much of a writer. I could talk your ear off, but I am not sure I could write your eyeballs off. 🙂

As a bit of a preview, I am working with my sister (a current LLR consultant) to gather information about her experience and crunching the numbers on the investment required. I am looking at costs and sales figures to determine when or if the LuLaRoe initial purchase becomes profitable. I am doing my best to make sure that everything is accurate and not misleading in anyway.

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Trying to Blog with the Best,



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